save NRG, in line with the best practices of urban regeneration, contributes to the recovery and building of structures for social inclusion, for the specific needs of the territory, also choosing sport as a fundamental element for the creation of a cohesive and shared society, which has an eye for disability.

Urban regeneration

From abandoned space to meeting and social cohesion place, a redeveloped place that reborn with a new identity preserving the memory of the past: this is the target of urban regeneration actions that save NRG always promotes and supports following the principles of ecosustainability and circular economy.
Case history: Torre Galfa in Milan
Build as symbol of the economic boom became the emblem of urban decadence, the Galfa Tower today has a new life thanks to a delicate restoration project, by the study bg&k Associati, which preserves the lost memory adapting it to the good practices of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability. save NRG contributed to the realization of the project with the installation of the Eolo wind turbine, a true jewel of engineering design.

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  • A very professional and heterogeneous team coming from different experiences, specialized in the energy and environmental industry, has been working for over 20 years at national and international level, and decided to join Save NRG. Each reality for us is unique. Efficiency and ethics are the key concepts of our work.

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