Energy Efficiency

The final goal of the proposed solutions is to obtain a cost saving through the reduction of energy consumption, gaining, by the way, a longer life for the equipment and a lower cost for their maintenance activities. Once the best energetic performance will be achieved, we could start thinking about a self-production of the electricity through a renewable source.

save NRG Solutions

Point of delivery optimisation
The system allows to manage and optimise the electricity absorption throught the installation of specific equipment that stabilise and modify the electricity flow of the customer grid without interfeering with its production processes.
Compressed air
The system manages the air compressor reducing its working time due to network losses without interfering with its current operation.
Reduction of the electricity peak
Using and managing specific storage devices it is possible to reduce the power consumption peak.
Photovoltaic frequeny-converter optimisation
Through a specific software it is possible to grow up the convertion efficiency of the frequency-converter, increasing the quantity of the electricity produced by the photovoltaic power plant.

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