UN 2030 Agenda

Today is necessary to reform the global system so that the sustainability becomes essential and decisive. For this reason, the UN has adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an action programme which focuses on people and sustainability so that to warrant concrete prosperity for all. Signed in Septmber of 2015 by governments of participating Member States, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of this programme is pursuing the targets for the sustainable development necessary for the future

The application in Italy

In Italy, the government, with the d.lgs 221/2015 and the "National Strategy for Sustainable Development", has identified the actions to implement the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda



Goal 7: affordable
and clean energy

Working towards this goal is especially important as it interlinks with other objectives of the 2030 Agenda. For this reason, the energy saving strategy are essential to build a sustainable, strong and resilient economy. This is the only solution for the company that want to cut costs by increasing economic growth



Clean energy


Energy efficiency


SME growth

National Energetic Strategy

With the SEN 2017 the italian government has created a ten-year plan to manage the change in the energetic system. Even then, the energy saving is the keystone to improve competitiveness of the Italy making a sustainable energetic system. In this way you will reduce consumption generating a positive balance sheet that protects the industrial sector

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“Our challenge is the transformation. We need a revolution that makes energy available and accessible to everyone. It is essential to minimize climate risks, to reduce poverty and to improve the health of the planet, economic growth, peace and security.”


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