Growth strategy

The business scenario it's evolving technologically so, the energy is really fundamental for to increase business and competitivity. For this reason, it's very important to invest in the analysis of one's energy performance because means to look at the present with the knowledge of someone who knows that today it's future

Power Quality

Today, all companies need large amounts of energy to sustain high quality standards of the industrial products and complexity of production processes. For this reason, the power quality analysis is an strategic moment for the growth of companies because it's possible to observe and understand the types of power disturbances. In this way we can find the best solution for the system efficiency guaranteed the increasing competitiveness

For your business


Energy saving


Cost saving


Increasing competitiveness



3e Service

The 3e Service, based on circular economy principles, is the strategic solutions for the all companies that believe in the energy efficiency. Based on a mix of technologies that follow the principles of power quality, is possibile guarantee a saving that varies between 5% and 15%. After audit, the save NRG engineers will define a custom-built solution based on specific parameters:



Features of the power line to the POD


Power and type of the electric load to increase


Type and peak demands


Geographical area where the plant are based (climate, regulations)

Savings analysis

Using a software, save NRG simulates the effect of the its technologies in the system analysed finding out the cost savings and proposing the best solution for the customer. Thanks to the modularity of the technological equipment proposed, the solution can be assembled on the main/general lines or on lines specifically indicated. So, the 3e Service can guarantee:



a high level of system security guaranteed by bypass systems or by parallel positioning that guarantees continuity production


The optimisation of the intervention from a technical and economic point of view


Fast and non-invasive installation that is also simple to work on during maintenance


A modular and flexible system custom built to customers order


Access to Industry 4.0 Plan hyper-amortisation scheme

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“Energy efficiency is a vast and growing business opportunity that European businesses are particularly well placed to exploit: it is a sector with a huge untapped potential, and an area in which EU businesses have major strongholds and innovative solutions to offer. According to Commission studies, the existing ecodesign framework could add an extra €55 billion in yearly revenues for European businesses by 2020.”

("Energy Efficiency First", European Commission, 11/30/2016)

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