Athena: looking to
the future

Analysis, control, management: Athena carefully observes and monitors the energy consumption of company systems, constantly and in real time, according to innovation principles within the parameters required by Industry 4.0, thereby offering access to the hyper-amortization incentive

The system

Applicable to any system and adaptable to any size of hardware or software, used to analyse and control energy consumption, KPIs, MTBF and MTBR indices, downtime and alarms. Therefore, machine manufacturers and OEMs, energy managers, and maintenance and production managers will be able to apply the most suitable strategies and solutions to optimise and reduce waste implementing the virtuous process of increasing energy efficiency, which is fundamental for increasing your industrial competitiveness



User friendly

Thanks to multiuser website, it is possible to access, every moment, at the innovative cloud platform that manages all informations and Big Data of the system



Created based on specific wishes of 4.0 Industry, it Sviluppata secondo le esigenze dell’Industria 4.0, it captures, shall draw up and presentsthe data in to the cloud thanks to a IaaS and Paas solution with multiuser support and monitoring of all plants and sites



Flexible, with a user-friendly and customizable dashboard which was created for IoT and Cloud



Development of ecosystems for the construction of innovative business models in conformity with needs for growth companies

IoT Connectivity

Fundamental element for safe and performing operation is the IoT Gateway, a connectivity system based on secure communication driver that guarantee integrity of the data collection even if internet outage. With this system it is possible to connect every device managing data with Scada and HMI



Predictive analysis




Data collection


Report and alert


A monitoring system that analyze the energy consumption it's fundamental to find out productivity and economic growth. For this reason the Athena system is fundamental for business development because can meet to the different needs of companies and, thanks to its technological model, allows you to access quickly at the informations. In fact, only better management of energy can to free up there sources necessary to grow company in a sustainable and economic way

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“If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.”

(Robert Samuel Kaplan, Harvard Business School)

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