Audit, according to the definition provided by European Directive 201/27/EU, is an energy flow analysis procedure that provides the opportunity to gain real knowledge of company consumption so that waste and inefficiencies in the energy system can be identified

Legislation in Italy

With the Italian d.lgs. 102/2014 the audit became mandatory for both large and energy intensive companies. The audit it's necessary for both companies with more than 250 employees or annual sales of over €50M and balance sheet total of over €43M and companies listed in the CCSE's annual list with a consumption of 1GWh





Large companies


Energy intensive companies

Our audit service

In order to provide complete support to its customers, save NRG offers an energy diagnosis service which, through a detailed analysis of energy bills, production processes, energy flows and the company’s consumption habits, successfully identifies waste and inefficiencies in the energy system. In this way, it is possible to provide a cost-benefit analysis supported by concrete indications in terms of time frames for a return on the proposed investment, as well as the costs that would be incurred if a company chooses not to correct the inefficiencies identified

saveNRG audit


Consumption costs


Waste identification


Economic assessment of costs/benefits

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“Audit makes it possible to identify flaws in productive systems that cause high energy costs, area which is an important cost especially in Italy.”

(Silvia Ferrari, ENEA)

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