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Revolution. Green. Smart. Sustainable. This is the future! Business and economy cannot prescind from the awareness that the sustainability is the right road to the future. There is no other way. There is no more time. It is today that we must rebuild all system to act. Act for revolution. And the revolution is circular economy, an economic solution one capable of self-regenerating thanks to a series of virtuous actions that reduce squander, waste and loss: a sustainable and profitable business model


The circular economy it's the new business model. In Italy, this model has earned 88 billion in revenue, equivalent to 1,5% of national added value. The energy sector plays a crucial role thanks to an efficient and sustainable management that generated the economic savings for companies and industry guaranteeing an increase of performance and global competitive productivity. A positive growth told in the Agi-Censis report


Circular economy





The legislation

The European Commission, in 2014, has promoted the circular economy because " is an essential contribution to develop a sustainable, resource efficient and competitive economy." So, the regulatory framework was established in the "Circular Economy Package" followed by, in Italy, the Collegato Ambientale



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“The linear economy it's a big risk: we're living on a planet with dwindling resources and the growing population. We can't use everything we have in a linear model. The circular economy is a great opportunity for all.”

(Ellen MacArthur, 13/10/2018)

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