Compressed Air

Versatile and safe, compressed air is one of the main sources of energy that companies and industries cannot do without.Though widespread and used precisely because it can be applied transversally to most goods sectors for small companies and large industry, the costs are often underestimated, especially in terms of losses throughout the system that can exceed 40%

save NRG solution

To all companies and industry, save NRG offers AER, its energy saving solution specifically for compressed air systems. Safety, efficiency and energy saving are guaranteed by an efficient technological system adaptable to all the industries which use compressed air for its business


The system

Thanks to a series of sensors and automatic closures managed by a PLC which controls the system’s two regulator valves, AER can correctly understand and interpret the work demand required by production activities so that it can regulate, with a high degree of efficiency, the activation of the real-time compressor. The functional intelligence of this system is guaranteed and coordinated by the integrated monitoring device by Athena, which can read the consumption of the compressor, guaranteeing the reduction of the losses and waste that represent a considerable cost for companies. Safety, efficiency and energy saving are the save NRG solution for all its customers


The AER technology, checking and managing the inefficiencies of the compressed air system, without interfering with the compressor, can reduce energy consumption up to 30%


Cost and consumption reduction


Guaranteed savings


Access to the hyper-amortisation for Industry 4.0

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“For our companies, energy is a major cost in producing. Be able to do efficiency means to decrease consumption on international markets.”

(Federico Testa, president of ENEA)

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