The CSR project that promotes eco-sustainable lifestyles
between social networking dynamics and reward systems

CSR and Companies

Today, doing business means connect to various professionals: from consumer to stakeholders, via the funders and partners. This business strategy requires a serious focus by all parties concerned: an ethical and sustainable obligation as far as of the EU Green Paper 2001

CSR & save NRG

To invest in Corporate Social Responsibility means projecting the company horizon towards the futures, knowing that investing in human resources, environment and relations with all parties concerned means guarantee the business growth. This is where save NRG interprets and offers the CSR to its customers: an strategic and visionary choice that may increases reputational capital and improves competitive edge




Improving corporate image thanks to green, sustainable and ethically responsible practices


Customer and
stakeholder engagement

Create positive relationships with customers, stakeholders and investment fund that observe ESG issues to assess the of companies


employee share

Involving their employees in a relationship system based on sharing and on promotion of the sustainable lifestyles


Economic growth

Develop CSR model based on sustainable principles that are indispensable to increase economic growth

save NRG choice

Knowing that it's ncessary to have high standards of sustainability internationally recognised, save NRG has chosen, for its customers, greenApes's platform as a tool for sharing best practices. In this way can be used to promote and incentivise the green lifestyles thanks to the creation of social networking, gamification and a bonus system which involves the citizens, companies and customers using recognition system of green actions



Every sustainable actions is recognised and rewarded with BankoNuts that can be used in different stores


The bonus system can be customised according to the business requirements


Creation of corporate eco-community based on principles of sharing and the promotion of green choices


Prizes personalized with a support team ready to help

CSR and Athena

Use greenApes's platform to Utilizzare la piattaforma di greenApes in order to achieve the CSR targets means having a smart and flexible tool which can connect to save NRG's monitoring system: Athena. Then will it be possible recognize and reward business energy efficiency solutions certifying the results achieved

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“Work for CSR policy means not only measuring the impact of the CO2 emissions, water consumption or energy saving but also what is the added value that comes from making it an important voice of corporate identity turning it into business goals.”

(Massimo Begelle, Deputy Country Manager Italia di Top Employers Institute)

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