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Analysis, management and optimisation of energy resources: energy management has a key role to play in companies which want to invest in the future through circular economy, sustainability and energy efficiency

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Knowing how to manage the energy resources at your disposal with awareness and rationality is an essential condition for the economic growth of a company. save NRG responds to this need by providing an Energy Management Service thanks to which energy consumption can be monitored, managed and transformed into profitable and advantageous productivity

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Energy management


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By following the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, also suggested by the UNI CEI EN ISO 50001 standard, save NRG supports it customers during the planning of objectives intended to improve energy performance according to specific company requirements, contributing in this way to implementing energy management action plans based on a correct monitoring of consumption and performance so as to identify and provide the most beneficial solutions for increasing energy efficiency

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An energy plan is the first thing to do. This is the determination of the initial energy baseline, the energy performance indicators (EnPIs), the strategic and operative energy objectives and the action plans to identify potential for improvement of energy efficiency


In this phase, planning and action takes place, improvements are aimed for and implemented. In doing so, action plans are also created, with which the objectives for the improvement of energy performance can be achieved


The plans executed in the “Do” phase must continually be checked to ensure that they are effective. To do this, core processes that are significant to the energy-related performance are monitored and measured in this phase


The constant measurements are broken down in reports. These form the basis for further studies, in order to improve the energy-related performance and the EMS

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