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Technology, an integral part of worldwide economic and industrial development, is advancing at an accelerating pace and requires increasingly greater consumption of energy. Now more than ever, progress and company growth depend on managing energy resources correctly. They depend on an idea of efficiency that following the model described in the EU Green Paper to “do more with less” – is the key to guaranteeing companies’ economic development and competitiveness

Savings and efficiency

Savings, optimisation of productivity, cost reduction, constructive and profitable environmental sustainability are the objectives that every company must and can reach only by following a virtuous energy saving model based on a rigorous analysis of their own energy performance. It's the only road to the future!

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Both high energy costs and import dependency are the reasons why Italy can benefit from energy efficiency to achieve a potential annual savings of 288 TWh on final consumption in 2020. In this view it's obvious that the "country system" can profit from implementation of an energy saving plan which will result an increase in GDP between 2% to 4% per year

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The Negawatt: the
measurement of savings

Vision and revolution: that's how negawatt was born, an instrument for measuring saved power thanks to energy saving solution. Producing a negawatt and, therefore, saving a unit of energy by improving energy efficiency, costs around half of what it would cost to produce the same unit with another source. Applying this new and revolutionary point of view means overcoming the dogmas of economic models, replacing the concept of energy saving understood as making sacrifices with the concept of efficiency, which actually ensures a greater level of well-being thanks to the use of technological innovation



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“The efficiency is the the first of renewable energy sources because it allows in this way to reduce the use of primary resources avoiding the CO2 emissions. Furthermore we must not forget that our country is among the most virtuous in this sector through the use of advanced technologies.”

(Giuseppe Ricci, president of Confindustria Energy, 29/11/2018)

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