To build a different and better tomorrow for us and our children, a reality aimed at sustainable development, is the most forward-thinking economic solution as it is based on a circular economy model, as envisaged by the UN 2030 Agenda, one capable of self-regenerating thanks to a series of virtuous actions that reduce squander, waste and loss

Energy and

And it is precisely within this bioeconomic development path that the save NRG mission lies. With its team of professionals from the energy and environmental sector, save NRG helps companies increase their competitiveness thanks to interventions that comply with sustainable development principles. In line with the "Growth within: a circular economy vision for a competitive europe study" which claims that reusing resources will, for the European economies, save 1,800 billion euros per year, or up to 7% growth in GDP, we provide our customers with a series of innovative solutions and systems that offer them the possibility to:


Reduce energy waste, adding value to “rejected” energy


Benefit from advantageous technical and economic solutions


Look to the future through the eyes of someone who has made possible the change our children need


Choose. Choose who to be, what legacy to leave behind for the future. See our beautiful planet. Act for the future, for revolution, to make that transformation possible that we got to do for ourselves and for next generation. Choose. At save NRG we choose to protect that beauty. And we act. We act as revolutionaries who view energy as an eternal source of life and prosperity to be preserved and reused according to the virtuous practices of circular economy and energy efficiency. And by acting, we find the right answers for any company that chooses to be an active part of this great transformation because they are aware that a sustainable economy is a stronger and more competitive economy. They are the companies we offer our energy saving solutions to







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“Ours is a call to action to Italian entrepreneurs, sustainability and innovation are the cornerstones of the country’s economic development.”

(Vincenzo Boccia, Confindustria President, Il Sole 24 Ore, 24/01/2018)

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