save NRG at the Richmond
Energy Business Forum

The current health emergency has certainly highlighted all the limitations of our economic and social system. But, at the same time, it has highlighted the potential that our society has at its disposal and that had not yet been properly highlighted. From digital to a new use of energy sources, we have understood, in this period, how necessary it is to rethink our entire economic system from the point of view of present and future sustainability, a sustainability that can respond positively in times of crisis. We talked about this with the Energy Managers present, online, at the Richmond Energy Business Forum to build, together, a restart of production activities that can look to the future in the right way thanks to the right use of energy resources, a result that can be achieved using our cogeneration, photovoltaic, LED, IoT monitoring and energy saving systems.


save NRG at the Tavolo
Giovani #SmartEnergy

On February 5 2020, we will be present at the Tavolo Giovani #SmartEnergy, the event organized by Camera di commercio of Milano Monza Brianza Lodi for the start-up active in the field of Environment and Energy. On this occasion, we will be present our view of energy sustainability for all companies that want to invest in the green economy. From the energy saving solutions until CSR management, save NRG offers the best responses to lead our customers in this phase of energy transition which wants to combat climate change.


save NRG signs an agreement
with Glass to Power

Invest in technological solutions which meet the needs of environmental sustainability in the energy sector: this is why save NRG signs an agreement with Glass to Power, spin-off venture at the University of Milano Bicocca, specialized in the production of transparent photovoltaic modules with LSC technology. Thanks to save NRG Asia Co. Ltd., this new technology will be imported in the Asian market.


save NRG at the Richmond
Energy Business Forum

Also this autumn we take part in the Richmond Energy Business Forum to submit our energy efficiency, sustainability and CSR solutions for a successful business. With #WEACT, our CSR project, share with greenApes, we present a new management model in line with principles of sustainability. Because every company needs to build a solid brand reputation e in line with the values of customers and stakeholder.For more information, click here.



save NRG joins
greenApes's company

We share the dream of a more green and sustainable world, for everyone. We share the view that everyone's commitment is needed. It's for this reason that now we are partners of greenApes, the digital platform rewarding sustainable actions and ideas. For more information, click here.



3e system installation
in Thailand

Efficiency and sustainability. save NRG flies to Thailand to install, in ESCo mode, its technological solution for energy saving: 3e system. Thanks to this service, Cavagna Group Asia, world leading manufacturer of equipment and components for controlling compressed gases with 11 vertically integrated production companies in Italy and 7 others spread across the five continents, will improve the business and energy performance.



save NRG signs an agreement
with Genera Group Holding

Like ESCo we offer our customers a safe investment. For this reason, save NRG strengthened its partnership with Genera Group Holding, society participated from Ikav Investments, through its participation in the joint venture Prime 02 S.r.l.

save NRG:
capital increase

Invest on sustainable business model means to be visionary able to overcome the current limits to look into the future. To be visionary it takes effort, dedication but, above all, concreteness. For this reason, for continuing to encourage projects which leads to the development of circular and sustainable economy model, save NRG has chosen to increase its share capital. Because the future requires effort and concreteness!

save NRG:
innovative startup

Technology. Innovation. Research. save NRG becomes innovative startup betting on energy that is idea and sustainable, green and smart progress!Because buuilding an eco-friendly future means to invest in research and development, in innovative ideas that know how to imagine the best technological solutions to support companies that believes in sustainable and advantageous economy. This is what we want to offer our clients: the certainty to look forward to interpret the needs in a changing business. This is what we are.

Restoration of Torre Galfa
in Milan

Build as symbol of the economic boom became the emblem of urban decadence, the Torre Galfa has been, in recent years, the archetype of forgotten and abandoned historical memory. Designed by Melchiorre Bega in 1956 to contain the offices of the Sarom refineries, stand out in the Milan's skyline of 60s thanks to unexpected and ethereal geometry by vibrant and harmonious dynamism. Abandoned since 2001, the Torre Galfa today has a new life thanks to a delicate restoration project, by the study bg&k Associati, which preserves the lost memory adapting it to the good practices of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability. Respecting the original architecture and following the principles of urban regeneration, it was possible to reach two goals: intending for public use the ground floor and calling to collective memory the Torre Galfa as a symbol of city skyline. Great importance has been given to concept of energy efficiency thanks to save NRG that helped to the realization of the project with the installation of the Eolo wind turbine, a true jewel of engineering design giving right answers to requests of sustainability and energy saving. First application of its kind in Italy and amongst the first ones in sud-Europe, the gentle aesthetic of the Eolo wind turbine meets the needs of compliance to the stylistic architecture making the choice of energy saving and sustainability pleasant to see. Rated at 0,5 kW is activated by wind speeds of less than 1 m/sec until 25 m/s ensuring continuous system operations.


Richmond Energy
Business Forum

The chance: the Richmond Energy Business Forum, an international network specialized in the organisation of business-to-business events. The goal: proposing and sharing save NRG green thinking, based on energy efficiency and sustainability for the growth economic, with must important national companies. Thanks to speech "Looking for green", save NRG has shown a rivolutionary growth model that, based on circular economy, gives the just key to interpret the business problems for the companies. To promote this revolutionary and necessary economic development that save NRG, as an ISO 9001 and CEI 11352 certified ESCo, offers, to its customers, a business model based on sustainability that starting from CSR, includes all the aspects of energy efficiency. Because choose the path of energy saving does not just mean cutting costs by increasing performance but also building a sustainable and responsible future, a possible future if we each contribute to this fight.


Circular economy
and business

Business and economy cannot forget that propose economic models based on re-use of resources while minimising negative impacts is the right road to the future. If linear economy, was founded since the Industrial Revolution, is based on take-make-waste extractive industrial model that is causing serious environmental and social consequences, the circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. In short, it point us the future! A future that we have to build together to incentive the “happy growth” that, according to the report "Growth Within: A Circular Economy Vision for a Competitive Europe" carried out by the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Sun, will increase European productivity of 3% thanks to new technologies and materials. Putting environmental sustainability at the core of development strategies, European economies will save EUR 1.800 billion in a year by 2030. The GDP would grow in fact of 7% and increase eupean families' income of 11%. An important growth that could create the conditions for prosperous and sustainable economic future.

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