Environment. Energy. Future. Today, choosing the path of green economy means responsibility, the responsibility to act. And the duty to act in an eco-friendly way that safeguards and preserves our planet’s astonishing beauty and the future of generations to come is what guides save NRG’s company decisions, directing us towards promoting and spreading a circular economy – the only response available today to the business demands of tomorrow. Because knowing how to protect and look after the resources given to us by nature is today’s real challenge; because bioeconomics is the right road to the future; because at save NRG we believe in it!


Now more than ever, progress and company growth depend on managing energy resources correctly. They depend on an idea of efficiency that does not mean doing without or making sacrifices, but which – following the model described in the EU Green Paper to “do more with less” – is the key to guaranteeing companies’ economic development and competitiveness because it guarantees returns


Company growth


Energy management


Energy efficiency


Development and competitiveness


Choose the path of sustainability means applying model of environmental, economical and social development that can satisfy the needs of today without compromising our future. The sustainability is the sole perspective for the construction of "happy growth" that is economically advantageous for all





Circular economy


Happy growth

Circular economy

The circular economy, essential to creation of sustainable model, has now become a profitable and forward-looking alternative compared to classic "linear" model. As defined by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, is the best answer to the present request for economic growth because based on capacity of self-regenerating thanks to a series of virtuous actions that reduce squander, waste and loss



Reuse resource


Reducing waste


Economic growth

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“We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

(Native American proverb)

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