Water pollution

Water, precious and essential resource of our planet, now more than ever, is under threat of pollution caused by plastic waste in the ocean and by dispersion of the pollutants due to waste and industrial water discharges

Legislation and industry

With regard to the water pollution, the legislation 152/1999 and 152/06 is the guiding norm in Italy and refers directly to the European directive 91/271/EC and 200/60, which prescribes methods of processing civil and industrial wastewater paying attention to monitoring activities and to environmental damage caused by humankind


European directives


Italian legislation


Water monitoring

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sustainable solutions

To manage environmental problems and to meet the needs of industries that process the discharge of waste water, save NRG offers its customers a system based on vacuum evaporation technology with several innovative solutions that separates water from industrial wastewater that reducing the costs of waste disposal that are often 95% thanks to engineered high-efficiency systems



Discharge of waste water


Vacuum evaporators


Energy efficiency


Cost reduction


The vacuum evaporation is also applicable in the concentration of heat sensitive products, from pharmaceutical synthesis that the ERC (European Waste Catalogue) treatable. The basic construction standard provides systems made with use of stainless steel AISI 316 L for less corrosive applications possibilities, while using special materials such as DUPLEX (SAF 2205), SUPERDUPLEX (SAF 2507), SILICON CARBIDE, GRAPHITE and TITANIUM anti-corrosion coatings thick with special RESINS FLUOROCARBON


Separation by distillation and recovery of aqueous solutions


High chemical resistance


Maximum reliability


Exclusive system of internal cleansing

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“Protect our water resources is fundamental not only for our survival but also for hundreds of plant and animal species that without rivers, lakes and creeks would be destined for extinction.”

(WWF Italy)

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